My Signature Career Coaching Program

Helping unfulfilled professionals create long-term sustainable happiness in their careers and life.

Get the clarity you need to create a life you love!

This hybrid career coaching program is designed to help you get the depth of clarity you need to know what changes you need to make at a work level to achieve fulfillment in what you do and create an authentically aligned and purpose-driven life. 

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       Life Aligned is for you if


  • You feel unhappy at work and can’t figure why or what to do to improve your situation
  • You are considering a job or career change but don't know what to do or where to start
  • You feel like you aren't fulfilling your potential and crave more for yourself and your life
  • You are thinking of starting a business and need clarity, direction, and a plan
  • You feel like you have tried everything to improve your work situation and nothing seems to work.

What you get


  • 8 1-hour private coaching sessions with Lisa
  • Access to an online learning platform containing 8 modules complete with reflection exercises, audio training, video presentations, and visualization exercises
  • Email support between coaching sessions 
  • Customized exercises as required

Topics covered


Intro - Getting grounded

Module 1 - Mindset

Module 2 - Authentic self 

Module 3 - Core values 

Module 4 - Zone-of-genius

Module 5 - Workplace non-negotiables

Module 6 - Career Clarity Road Map

Module 7 - Taking Action 

Module 8 - Confidence and Mindset coaching

+ Bonus Module

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My Approach


Career fulfillment is about more than just what you do. It’s also about knowing who you are, what’s important to you, what your unique zone-of-genius is, what you need in your work environment to thrive, what provides you with a sense of purpose/meaning, and how you want your work to fit into your life. 

While you may think that lack of career clarity is what is keeping you from taking action and finding fulfillment at work, what I have found over my 12+ years of experience working with clients is that the root cause of their career problems is usually their fears and limiting beliefs. It’s in working through these mindset barriers that they achieve the career clarity they desperately desire. This is why I created this program.

Life Aligned is a combination of personal development, mindset work, and, of course, career clarity work. It is built on the premise that your work is an extension of you and as such, career (and life)  fulfillment is achieved when what you do aligns with who you are. 



“I can confidently say that working with Lisa changed my life. Before meeting her, I was lost, unfulfilled, I constantly got in my own way by letting fear take the wheel, and I didn’t trust myself nor my abilities. Lisa went above and beyond, helping me move through my fears, gain clarity, and improve my mindset. I was able to find a better job before we were even done! I feel so much more confident because I now have the tools to not get stuck again. I’m happier, and that’s priceless. This is probably the best investment in myself that I’ve made, and I strongly recommend you work with Lisa too!”

Alexandra C.

"Before I asked Lisa for help, I was struggling with pretty much everything in my life. It's crazy how a job you hate can take up so much space. I knew that I had to leave, but I was scared. Working with Lisa was a life-changing experience. I got clear as to what I needed from a job. This led me to make a transition into a teaching career! I can never go back! Having Lisa lead me through this is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Charlène L.

 "Before working with Lisa, I was feeling frustrated, confused, and unsettled and was questioning my career path as a teacher and entrepreneur. Lisa helped me achieve the clarity I needed and to make aligned decisions and choices for me and my family that were based on my core values. I went from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to grounded and clear. Now, I have peace and resolve with my decisions. I discovered that I didn’t have to choose a path and that I could have both! Lisa lit a fire in me to show up with a renewed sense of purpose and passion in my teaching career all the while pursuing entrepreneurship in a way that feels fulfilling and satisfying for me. I would absolutely recommend working with Lisa. This is without a doubt the best investment I made in gaining the clarity I needed to make an educated and carefully thought out decision for me and my family."

Kelly T.

"Before working with Lisa, I felt stuck, unfulfilled, and I had no sense of direction.  I was frustrated and felt drained with my current career choice. I knew within me that I was meant to do more than the status quo, but my “what” and my “how” were missing.  Lisa helped me achieve clarity by working through my fears and my limiting beliefs. She helped me reconnect with my authentic self and get clear on my core values which are your internal compass as Lisa calls it.  She helped me uncover my “zone-of-genius”, what I am effortlessly good at. With the tools that she taught me, I now know my “what” and my “how”. I have a sense of direction and I know what is my next ALIGNED step. I realized that there is no greater power than knowing how to shift your mindset. I went from going through the motions and battling an internal tug of war to having a clear mind. I’m feeling hopeful, at peace, happy, and whole. I am grateful for who I am and excited for who I will become. Lisa was able to translate my soul’s language. I finally felt understood and seen which was the foundation of our platonic connection. Everyone needs a coach like Lisa in their lives, she comes highly recommended. I owed it to myself to invest and commit to myself, I choose to see it as an expansion, not an expense."

Angela R.

 “Lisa was the right choice for me during a time of serious reflection. I really appreciated the time she spent with me to assess if we were the right fit – ensuring I had the best chances of success. We followed a structure that allowed me to look seriously at my strengths, but more importantly what brings me joy, leaving with tools I can use for my chapter in my business career. Lisa was insightful and thorough.”

Christa F.

"Before working with Lisa, I was struggling to move in the direction of my career goal. At the time, I still had many limiting beliefs and insecurities about myself and what I could accomplish. Choosing to go with Lisa’s program has been an extraordinary experience for me. I left every single session feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired. Lisa has abilities beyond comprehension; her tools have helped me live out of my shell and out of my head. Although I have more growing to do, I feel equipped with the right tools & knowledge to achieve my goals. I urge anyone reading this to take a leap of faith and invest in this program because it has quite literally changed my life."

Axel K.

“I was questioning my work. I no longer felt motivated, I lacked confidence and I had come to question myself. Working with Lisa allowed me to reconnect with myself and set the record straight on my values, my real interests, what I really want,  and what I don't want anymore. I have relearned to respect myself through my choices and by taking ownership of my decisions. I came out of it grown. The journey is not necessarily always easy, but how rewarding in the end. Meeting Lisa is a beautiful gift of life. ”

Nathalie P.

"Lisa is simply amazing! I was questioning my professional path, I did not really know where I should go... When I contacted Lisa for help with my career, I never would have believed that 3 months later I would have a new job and that I would be 100% happy."

Jessica P.

 "Working with Lisa is like jumping off a diving board for the first time. You have to be ready, but then there is no turning back. Since working with Lisa, my life has been moving forward at warp speed."

Cathy W.

"I have made tremendous progress in my self-confidence and stress management. I know where I want to go and what I want to avoid in the future. And I'm really excited to see what the future holds for my career. I owe it all to Lisa. It was definitely a defining moment in my life."

Mélanie F.
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